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Nigeria is Too Weak to Break, Says Lamido


… Refers common Nigerians as Okada riders, vulcanizers and kerosene sellers

In my analysis as a media scholar, I have always refer our politicians as inconsiderate elements who can do anything to protect his selfish investment without a second thought that this country belongs to all of us. In what seems like a spontaneous overflow wicked and segregating emotion recollected tranquility Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa state was quoted recently via Oblong Media as saying that Nigeria cannot break up because members of the elite are united in preserving their advantages over the masses irrespective of their differences of tribe and religion. Nigeria, he said, is too weak to break. “Who will break it? Is it the ordinary person in Jigawa? or the ordinary person in Sokoto? or the ordinary person in Bayelsa? Is it the Igbo vulcanizer or the Yoruba woman selling kerosene by the roadside or the okada man in Delta? They don’t have the capacity to unite because they are burdened by poverty. We have taken away from them their dignity, their self-esteem, their pride and self-worth so that they cannot even organize. Up there, we (elite) unite . . . we will never allow Nigeria to break because once it breaks, we will lose. But the common man loses nothing. What is he losing? He is already in hell; he cannot lose anything more than this hell.” what a callous vituperation, heartless verbal abuse, mindless castigation, violent denunciation and condemnation of the electorates!

After a deep thought, a worried Nigerian from one of the top media platforms I belong responded saying, “Straight from the horse’s mouth! A candid admission that it is the elite, who run Nigeria’s affairs hence keeping “the common man” squalid, wretched and “in hell” despite the nation’s enormous oil wealth. We see the ruling elite quarreling and calling each other bad names but it’s just a game intended to fool the public because in reality, they are quite united as they quietly share our national cake; delivering  very little or nothing to their various constituencies. They have a stake in keeping the country exactly as it is — weak and confused and easy to exploit.

I agree to the fact that Nigerians should see this statement as apocalypse of the highest point of deception. it  is indeed a sudden lightning flashed, pushing aside the darkness and revealing the entire landscape for one brief moment.