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THE BELLE OF THE BALL BEHIND NCAP … the woman with the heart of gold by Felicia & Sharon


Mrs. Anuoluwa Priestley Adesubomi, the coordinator of Nurses Covenant Assembly of Praise (NCAP) [/caption]
Men and women of purpose are men that move the world and make impact enjoyed by their generation forever. World revival cannot come about by compromise, but only by people who know their calling and refuse to compromise with the Devil or the world says Lester Sumrall.
National Impact Magazine crossed path with one of such beautiful and rare persons who seeks to put smiles on the faces of others by the things they do. Meet Mrs. Anuoluwa Priestley Adesubomi, the coordinator of Nurses Covenant Assembly of Praise (NCAP) an initiative that is centered on bringing change, giving back and creating an atmosphere where Nurses can relax and have time off their busy schedule to add more value to their lives. Enjoy the excerpt:
Tell us about the whole concept?
Actually the programme is organized for Nurses. We believe in nursing and nurses and understand the significance of their roles in bringing about the much anticipated change in health care nationally and globally. We have equally observed how this healthcare profession spend and are spent in taking care of their clients while they themselves are left unattended to much below what is expected. The idea is that these people are caring for other people but no one is caring for them. They also need to be cared for so that they can deliver their best. In fact, many homes have been laid down on the altar of sacrifice. People’s homes have been shattered while trying to keep their jobs. We want these people to give holistic care which is spiritual, physical, mental and emotional meanwhile their emotional life is not stable. You cannot give what you don’t have. Hence, we have deemed it equally important to appreciate the effort of these health care professionals. All these put together is the reason for such programme as NCAP and in line with divine leading. The programme we held on the 17th of September was the 4th edition with the theme: THE RAIN OF THE SUPERNATURAL. More programme are on the way. In December, we have Nurses single and married. The one for June is movie, showing movies to the Nurses are called ‘see a movie’. The one for January, February there about will come in the area of career.

Meanwhile, there is an aspect of it coming up in April next year and it is called ‘REBUNT’-Retired but not tired. In foreign countries when Nurses retire, you just don’t tell them to go, because there are many young people in the profession that do not even know the job. So we need what we call mentors in the profession, People who can tutor. We call them preceptors, they will teach these young ones so that they will not make medical errors. Because you are dealing with human beings once he dies, he dies unlike machines that has spare parts.
It is a way to say ‘thank you’ to Nurses. Our intention is to appreciate their meritorious services in the profession. Like the one we did September this year, the songs and melody-spiritual and ministry. Our focus is not the monetary aspect but what can we invest or put into these lives, these people have served . Truly, there may be some bad ones but there are still some good ones that have served and still serving. The government does not really help matters in this regards but in our own little way, we decided to do our bit. After all the government cannot solve all the problems of the society.

Well, I believe that if you are faithful in little, God will give you much. The concept actually came on a spiritual platform. In 2014, my church had a 21 days fasting and prayer programme i.e Winners Chapel. So, at the end of that programme, I just heard call a ‘Nurses Assembly’. So I said what is that? I like to be quiet! I don’t like being loud. So, when God told me to call the Nurses Assembly, I asked God how do I go about it? And ever since then he has been directing me. We held the first and second edition when I was in school and I thank God for the management of the school for giving me the hall for free then, before I moved to Lagos State School of Nursing where we held the third and fourth edition.
According to World Health Organization ( WHO ). Health is a state of complete, physical, spiritual, mental wholeness or state not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. That means that you are supposed to cater for people’s spirits. If you are not whole in your spirit, how would help another? When you deal with the spirit, all others will fall in place. This fourth edition nearly did not hold but God faithfulness cannot be quantified. Again, he miraculously added to it. I was just in the room somewhere and I started hearing S.A.M and I saw that they followed- see a movie, singles and married songs and melody like that.

Well we use our personal funds. Those that have been working with me committed to the vision since we started are actually teachers and not even Nurses. I believe that when God gives you an assignment, He can use anybody to support you. But as time goes on, we believe God that we will have more faithful people. We save ahead because it must be done for the sake of those we are taking care of. If a Nurse is not in a good state of mind, maybe in the course of several years, the person that will save Nigeria has died. The person that is supposed to be the president of Nigeria in 30 years to come like Moses in Egypt, If not for the midwives; Sipproah and puah Moses would have died. They were Pharaoh’s loyalist but they said they will preserve this one even though Pharaoh said they should kill all the babies but because Moses is a godly child they preserved him. That is why we are still where we are in Nigeria. In this tribulation phase of Nigeria, how long it is going to be is dependent on the health care sector of Nigeria.

Well, I believe that the “government cannot do everything”. If we are going to wait on the government, it might take a long time because they are so overwhelmed with the challenges in Nigeria. But like Psalm 131 says “I have decided not to concern myself with great matters, the things that are too much for me to understand” Let’s leave them to tackle some other matters. Whoever is our helper, God will send them our way. We don’t want anybody to take the pride in saying ‘ We sponsored them’ God cannot be helped, he is just sufficient for Himself. God with us carries weight and we believe that in a matter of time, He will announce us. Like Jesus, He was just doing His thing in quietness and Pilate heard about it. We are not looking to be known, we are just looking for how to heal the world and make it a better place.