It was not up to five months after President Muhammadu Buhari’s inauguration into office as Nigerian president when Ngerians started expressing fear of his failure in office. After one year in office, the fear increased to disappointment that Buhari has not delivered on his lofty promises. Nigerians believe that Buhari was elected on a promise to recover Nigeria’s declining economy, crush Boko Haram insurgents and tackle the persistent corruption.
Reacting to Nigerians outcry that this admnistrarion is too slow once upon a time Lai Mohammed, the spokesperson of the APC, stated that “President Buhari was the first Nigerian politician to remove an incumbent leader in a peaceful transition. He is not slow. The government is focused; it is methodological. People will say this government does not have ministers, but we are saying this government wants people with proven track records of competence and integrity”. Funny enough, the administration is about to end yet the situation has gotten worse. Over 4million Nigerians have lost their jobs, power provision has gotten worse, more multinationals left the shores of Nigeria as many small / medium scale business have folded.
Arewa Youth Forum, AYF recently lamented that President Muhammadu Buhari and his team has performed below Nigerians’ expectations.The national president, Gambo Ibrahim Gujungu in a statement in Kaduna said that the youths also called for cabinet reshuffle as they posited that those that were expected to assist the President in his change agenda has failed in the discharge of their duties.“A situation where majority of Nigerians languish in object poverty and penury, where people can no longer eat two times a day not to talk about three square meals a day is a worrisome development and a cause for concern for us. Time for change is now before it is too late; the alarming situation, however, is that there seems not to be any concrete or genuine solutions coming from government and its agencies on how to ameliorate the present quagmire that is threatening to take the country to the precipice. The bottom line is that Nigerians standard of living is at one of its lowest ebb in history and as a government that campaigned on the mantra of change, the time to change things cannot be better than now”.
In another development, the Chairman, Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), University of Ibadan branch, Dr. Deji Omole has described as shameful the fact that Nigeria under the President Muhammadu Buhari cannot refine enough fuel for domestic consumption despite being the Minister of Petroleum. Evidences have shown that neither APC nor PDP has the solution to the problems facing ordinary Nigerians. Nigerians appeared to have been defrauded by the government when the President said he would oversee the Ministry himself to get the desired change. Absolutely, those leading Nigeria do not believe in the country and are not committed to solving her problems. Nothing seems to be changing in any sector.
OMENIHU ALFRED- Editor in Chief