…will marriage survive this technology? by CHUKS

The sudden emergence of the SEX DOLL which is a feminine fashioned robot structured to satisfy the sexual urge of a man has heated up the global news parlance as millions of questions wax in all angles as to what will become of man and woman intimate interaction by the time this bizarre technology gets to the ends of the world. The high demand of this artificial intelligent object reveals that they are on rampage on the sons of men. Will women lose their place to this artificial intelligent robot is the major question on every lip. The robotic industry strategically basing its research on one of the greatest force of modern nature “the emotion of love” might be on the move to replace the gift of being human. While solving diverse human problems, they are also on the other hand destroying human interaction. Sit back and reflect on the last time you have an interaction with human across the counter in bank hall as the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) has replaced human interaction. We now spend longer time confidently on phones (internet) than we spend with our fellow humans. This is to name a few of the gap being created between humans by what I call the science movement of the new world.
While globally about 3 billion people live below the poverty line, an industry that is posing great risk to human relationship has been estimated to have attracted business worth of thirty billion dollar with each of this product currently costing between eight thousand and fifteen thousand dollar a piece. A recent report has claimed: it would have gone past 120 billion dollar by 2019. A massive compound growth is waiting in the pipeline as it looks forward to more innovation. Another report has found that up to two third of men and about 30 per cent of women are in favor of using their product as they spread their business empire around the world.
The recent discovery of this movement is the sex doll robot which is a brain child of Hooman Samani from the Interactive and Digital Media Institute at the National University of Singapore. This robotic product is perhaps the most extensive project in affective robotics today where the researchers are directly applying psychological and physiological research on love in the development of their robotic systems. In a world where animals for example two doves are courting on a tree branch, undergraduates walk by the path holding hands. Finding love seems as easy as just going outside and looking in any direction. But there are some compelling reasons that might cause people to legitimately want to have robotic lovers. There are tragic reasons, such as
Physical or emotional deficiencies that make finding a human partner impossible, which might be alleviated by robotically assisted sexual therapy. Or perhaps one is not interested in, or does not have the time to develop, a full loving relationship but just wants sexual satisfaction.
This Robotics attempts to simulate the physiological reactions of the human body experiencing love through an “Artificial Endocrine System,” which is a software model of the same systems in humans which includes artificial “Dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphin, and Oxytocin” systems. Layered on top of this is a simulation of human psychological love, As the robotics website explains, their “Probabilistic Love Assembly” consists of an (A.I) psychological simulator that a robot designed under these principles will then monitor its user and inductively reason the mood of the user through evidence such as facial recognition and analysis of body language and physiology. It can then alter its own behavior in an attempt to maximize the affection and loving behavior of its user.
The great question that is before us in this world of twinkle changes, is how prepared are we mostly in the continent of Africa to handle the new world order of artificial intelligent? In Africa where interaction is basically emotional than intellectual, where our women are more of emotional tools to satisfy our sexual urge than being a companion, example was the theory as put forward by the old Egypt and Mesopotamia that the darker the people, the more sexual they were. In ancient Egypt, sex was part of worship, sexual orgies accompanied the worship of the various gods of the land and cohabitation was not considered wrong. Can we actually escape this rain of emotional freak that has gathered it cloud and already drizzling, like the bible says lets watch and pray not to fall into temptations.
Here comes the voice of reasoning to all humans. The closest of species to a man is the woman, which I call the irreplaceable gift of nature. But you should know that the best you can get from any product is as much as you know about it. This is to say that it is not about what you have but what you do with what you have that determine what you can get from it. Example is if you are given an air craft which is a wonderful and an expensive gift, but the air craft remains dormant until you learn how to fly or get someone to fly the craft. How much do you know about the emotional, intellectual, and social need of the man or woman that is closest to you example is your wife. This might be the reason for the crack constantly created between humans. But as you know nature does not harbor space. Space create longing and longing makes man to strive for satisfaction, IF THE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENT DOLL WILL SUCCEED TO CONQUER THE WORLD OF HUMANS IT SHOW WE ARE STILL IGNORANT OR DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THE CAPACITY INHERENT IN US TO SATISFY OUR VARIOUS NEEDS.
Man purchases Sex Doll for $2,600 and Divorces his Wife
Man 39 from Botswana has divorced his legally wedded wife after he experienced a sex doll he recently bought from USA. Paellas Mohule claims that real women were just after his money and usually had diseases. Mr Mohule who is a successful car dealer in Gaborone, Botswana, bought a doll worth $2,600.00 from the United States and women allegedly failed to satisfy him in bed. So after sleeping with it, he divorced his wife of 4 children claiming she was no match to the doll when it comes to bedrooms matters. However, he has since pledged to support his former wife and children provided she allows him time to enjoy the doll in peace.
Modern Sex dolls have advanced features as they are designed with life-like private parts breasts and lips and their sounds mimick a real woman. Others are Dirty-talking sex dolls with vibrating hot private parts. Mohule says he is happy with his investment as the sex dolls have no diseases, moods or periods and do not say no to his sexual demands!
Illegal childlike sex doll imports becomes rampant in Australia and New Zealand
NEW Zealand Customs said “a handful” of the illegal dolls with silicone children’s faces and real human hair had been intercepted at the border in the past 12 months. The disturbing dolls have been spotted in online e-commerce supermarkets like AliExpress and can be made to order from as little as $500. Buyers can choose everything from the colour of the doll’s hair and eyes to the type of clothes it wears. Customs investigations manager Bruce Berry said the office was aware of the growing, global trend and were monitoring it closely.“We’re seeing some of these start to appear on the border. And really that’s to my mind, the effect of globalisation and the shrinking of the virtual borders that we have.” The ultra-realistic dolls are deemed obscene, he said, and their import is prohibited in both Australia and New Zealand.

As China faces a massive gender gap and a greying population, this company – EXDOLL, a firm based in the northeastern port city of Dalian decided to hook up lonely men and retirees with a new kind of companion: “Smart” sex dolls that can talk, play music and turn on dishwashers. EXDOLL has ambitions to apply artificial intelligence to make dolls so life-like that they could cure loneliness among the country’s singletons and care for the elderly and handicapped. There are 33.6 million more men than women in the country of 1.4 billion people. The gap is attributed to China’s former one-child policy and a traditional preference for sons, which has led to selective and illegal abortion. Some 114 boys are born for every 100 girls, far above the global average. Users can control the 25,000 yuan ($4,000) doll with a phone app or by giving it oral instructions much pricier than the traditional sex dolls that the company sells for as little as 2,500 yuan. “We’re designing them so they can have meaningful conversations with you and help with chores around the house. They could eventually even work as medical assistants or receptionists” In the next year, EXDOLL hopes to roll out more advanced robots featuring artificial intelligence technology, complex facial expressions and body movements, voice recognition systems and eyes that can follow people’s movements. “The material is quite good, very soft to the touch. When I hold her I feel very comfortable,” says one anonymous user