Joseph B. Wirthlin has it that the most treasured and sacred moments of our lives are those filled with the spirit of love. The greater the measure of our love, the greater is our joy. In the end, the development of such love is the true measure of success in life. It is a mission to REFORM, REBRAND AND EMPOWER indigent and out-of-school youths through her fresh foundation project(FFP) that Jakin N.G.O has embarked upon and the world has applauded them for this patriotic and charitable gesture. Indeed, It was a heart fulfilling day for the staff, management, Board of Directors, Benefactors, well-wishers and grandaunts as JAKIN N.G.O successfully graduates 63 of 200 targeted grass root out of school youth sponsored by ACCESS BANK/ACT FOUNDATION, across Mainland L.G.A, Lagos who have successfully completed the three months training on Basic Business Management Principles, Financial Literacy, Leadership, Re-orientation, Vocational Skill, Computer Applications, and Office Automation Machine on February 16th 2018.
In her opening remark, the CEO of Jakin N.G.O -Mrs Adebiyi Olubukola recounted the stories of the beneficiaries before they came to the program and how the program has imparted into them. In her way of adjoining the participants, she said life is about competitions and it is expected of the beneficiary to use what they have learnt to face and solve the societal problems that will come their way as they journey in life. What this program has done is to equip each participant with that which they need to fight till they win and achieve their dreams. We have not just trained you but we have gone ahead to give employment to some that have proven themselves.

The event was graced by eminent men ranging from heads of communities to organizational leaders like Chief Ogunbanjo- Akin ilu of Iwaya, Mr. Olumide Emerald- M/E Officer Act Foundation, Miss. Ngozi Enekerizu- Programs Act Foundation, Mr. Sochima Eze- Communication Act Foundation, MrOluseyi Wright – Chairman JAKIN N.G.O Board of Directors, Chief S. AOtubogunwa- Akogun of Iwaya, Chief I. A Balogun- Representative of the Oba of Iwaya (Olu of Iwaya) Oba Murit A OgunOloko. Some of the Facilitators present are Mr. MayokunAkinlosotu- Master Brand Concepts Ltd (Project Director), Mr. Michael Imoh Entrepreneurial/ Motivational speaker, Mr. Adeboye Adeyemi- Fortitude professional service, Miss Yetunde Macaulay Founder/My dream connect.
In an exclusive chat with MICHAEL OTESANYA; FFP Admin Officer, JAKIN N.G.O, he gave a detailed description of the project being an initiative of JAKIN N.G.O. “It is a highly subsidized course of study on basic Business Management Principles, Leadership, Life Building Skills, Re-orientation, Vocational Skills, Computer Application, and Office Automation Machine training program, to reform and empower indigent and out-of-school youths in the lower class of Lagos State. The project is divided into three phases. Phase one provides trainings centering on Basic Business Management Principles and Re-orientation training, phase two is an ICT component of the training centre which provides computer application and office automation machine training and phase three provides vocational skills training. The vocational skill trains participants on the production of product such as Liquid soap, Disinfectant, and Air freshener all on partial scholarships.”
Mrs Adebiyi Olubukola further gave a brief history of the program which commenced in January 2013 also caught the eye of the world through UNICEF led Japanese Government representatives who visited FFP class thrice in April, 2013. An outcome of the visit was the shooting of a documentary which was aired at the International Conference on African development held in June 2013 in Japan. The delegate also requested that the project be replicated in Japan. Among the delegate of 30 was the UNICEF Nigeria Country Director – Dr Jean Gough, UNICEF Japan Goodwill Ambassador – Mrs. Agnes Chan, and JAPAN National TV Director |(NHK) – Mrs. Akiko Kawasaki.”
Appreciating the sponsors she recounted that, in 2014, the Inner heart group – an employee initiative of PZ Cussons Nigeria PLC donated Eleven computer systems, Ten ups, computer tables, 8.1 kva generators, 1.5 hp split unit ac to set up an ICT unit for the project and a standing fridge.DHL Express donated laptop folder bags for the proposed beneficiaries to kick off the phase two of the project. In 2016, FCMB Women sponsored 11females for the project while Business unusual Ltd sponsored 3 males. In October 2017, the project recently received an extraordinary boost with ACCESS Bank/Aspire Coronation Trust (ACT) Foundation M.O.U signed to sponsor 200 out of School youth in mainland LG Slums..
“The project has recorded outstanding success stories including that of several participants that used their certificate to secure employment and others that have set up sustainable businesses along with those that used their training on financial literacy to plan towards furthering their education. Some have secured part time admission and have commenced lectures in higher Institutions.” She concluded.
MR. OLUMIDE EMERALD, MONITORING AND EVALUATION OFFICER OF ACT FOUNDATION also speaks about the project with national impact magazine on an interview; He said the Act foundation has a key vision in empowering underprivileged youth, giving them a level of support to make them compete favorably in the society. Hence in line with that, the Act foundation partners help to fund N.G.O’S that are implementing projects aimed at the four key areas of (1) Leadership (2) Health (3) Entrepreneur (4) Environment. JAKIN N.G.O approached us with a proposal clearly stating their vision and mission on what they want to do for the underprivileged in the communities in which they operate, we went through it and also do our own fact finding about JAKIN. “We found out that they are visionary bunch, sincere and well grounded in their immediate environment. Partnering with them becomes fulfilling to Act foundation because we know they will use the fund for the purpose it was met for, as a prove of JAKIN proficiencies we can see what has happened here today. And Act Foundation as a body we are ready to go into more partnership with JAKIN as long as our sponsor Access bank keeps funding us.”
Furthermore, Mr Oluseyi Wright Chairman JAKIN N.G.O Board of Directors giving advice to the beneficiaries during his speech, he said,” I am admonishing each of you to know that there is a diamond in you. What the program has done is to help you discover and refine that hidden greatness in you. You should take more steps in marketing and putting that which has been imparted into you to effective and beneficial use to the entire society at large.”Speaking of the Beneficiaries of the fresh foundation Program, Senami Boahunde the Batch A Class Governor who also received a merit award for her outstanding leadership, OLANIRAN the Assistant Governor, and DAVID OBASANJO who also received the Most Popular Student award were of similar opinion that their lives were to a greater extent associated with lack of vision, low self esteem and no sponsor to further their ambition of going back to school or learn a skill.“We were surrounded with people with no ambition. We just sleep and wake up each day not knowing how to plan our lives or what to do next. JAKIN CAME THRUOGH HER FRESH FOUNDATION PROJECT TO RESCUE US FROM THAT MINDSET OF MIDIOCRETY, LOW SELF ESTEEM, POVERTY, and DISCOURAGEMENT THAT WE CAN’T AMOUNT TO ANYTHING I LIFE. It is indeed an exciting experience.”
Further, they said that the project has groomed them to see possibilities and productivities in all they do in life, like MUMMY JAKIN WILL ALWAYS TELL US TO FACE LIFE WITH OUT FEAR, BECAUSE WE CAN MAKE IT. She personally taught us Life Building Skills which had about 10 topics including self-esteem, negotiation skills, values, decision making, goal setting among others. We want to thank JAKIN N.G.O, ACT FOUNDATION and ACCESS BANK for this great opportunity and we pledge not to disappoint them and we also pray that God will prosper us, so we can give back to JAKIN N.G.O to continue in the course of rescuing more destinies from shamble.”
The program came to a climax with presentation of certificates, and award to 12 students who has done exceptionally well in different areas within the period of their training. The awardees who were the best students in this batch were sponsored by “Imara Foundation” on an excursion to the Genesis Cinema at The Palms Mall, Lekki to watch a movie-The Black Panther.