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Nigeria’s still waiting for the messiah in the face of two party systems By Reginald L. Chukwu


Two party systems all over the world has been the best form of practice that guarantees a focus and result-oriented government. This is because; the party in power is always put on its toes by the opposition. Most countries where this system is practiced do so at the interest of her citizens.
In Nigeria, the case seems reverse. APC and PDP no doubt are the head honchos when it comes to political parties in Nigeria being two strong rival parties known in the country today.
Before the advent of APC, it used to be a one party system practiced in the country where PDP held sway of government for 16 years with no opposition. The victory in the last general elections that brought APC into power, paved way for a two party system after many years of power monopoly by PDP. It was indeed an unprecedented event in the history of the nation.
The question is, how healthy has it been so far? The much that can be attested to, is the continued war of words between the ruling party, APC and the opposition party, PDP. There have been accusations by the ruling party against the opposition as being the root cause of instability in its administration.
An allegation of the fuel scarcity experienced during the end of 2017 which is still lingering in some states has been leveled against the opposition. Similar accusations had been made by PDP when in power, against APC for what it termed its propagandist acts in the period of its aiming for office.
When 2 elephants fight, the grass they say suffers. It’s so unfortunate the way the two top political parties in the country have shunned the real essence of two party systems to play politics for their own selfish interest with the lives of its citizens. How long shall we keep experiencing kidnappings in this nation and the party in power blames it on the opposition? How long shall our system continue not to work because of the unhealthy rivalry in our polity? When shall the real essence of a 2 party system be felt in this nation?
Every Nigerian including myself is looking forward to that period a political party in power shall begin to blaze trails and set standards that the opposition will always aim to surpass. Then we start witnessing speedy development and that Nigeria of our dream we have always wished for.