“Definitely Imo would be blessed if he gets Douglas mandate” ITSDAL BOSS

The name Stanley Amuchie to so many people has become a global Phenomenon that has been so consistence with positive impartation. It will be pertinent to point out that he has been a member of ISTDAL Hall of Fame for many years hence, his emergence as Imo man of the year 2017/2018 on 21st of July 2018 at Golden Gate Paradise Ikoyi Lagos is simply a selection of an Eagle among birds. ISTDAL HALL OF FAME is an annual investiture Award which is meant to recognize Imo sons, daughter and friends of Ndi-Imo who has distinguished themselves excellently in their various fields of endeavour and have meaningfully touched lives.
In his speech, the able president of Imo State town Development union Pastor Okechukwu Anorue revealed that his emergence as the Imo man of the year among many nomination was due to his immensed contribution to humanity especially in Imo state where his Goodlight foundation has broken records. In an exclusive chat with National Impact the able leader of ITSDAL revealed that the award is the first of its kind in the History of ITSDAL
Responding to the prestigious honour, Sir Stanley who believes that the candle loses nothing lighting another candle commended the organizers for finding him worthy of the award and assured the audience that he will remain committed to charity, human and community Capacity building. He expressed his love for Imo people which prompted the emergence of Goodlight foundation and his desire to seek the highest position in the state to serve the people better. He observed that he will not be able to touch the lives of all Imolites as an individual but definitely would be better equipped to achieve the Imo of his dream if given the mandate.
Continuing, the erudité Scholar cum quintessential banker pledged his readiness to transform Imo to China and make the State the economic hub of South-East geopolitical zone
Reacting to media question on the speculation going viral that Sir Stanley Amuchie will be a blessing to Imolites if given Douglas house mandate by 2019, Mr Ihezie Adindu said, “even the blind and the deaf agree that the truism of that assertion. If we should tell ourselves the truth, we all know that Imo is currently in shambles and cannot be compared with states like Anambra and Enugu in terms development and People orientedness. A lot of people talk about the goodness of Sir Stanley even when they have not seen him because he has done a lot of good via his Goodlight Foundation in Imo State. Ezinwa Stanley is a technocrat who everyone believe will turn Imo to a Center of Investment if given opportunity. In his recent interview, he pledged to place Imo among the 4 leading states in Nigeria. It annoys him to see undergraduates loitering the street jobless. His coming will be one of the best thing that will ever happen to Imo for a long time.” He concluded
The popular statement “Man of the people takes my mind to the fourth novel of the legend author of African Trilogy Late Prof Chinua Achebe “A man of the people”. However one looks at it, one thing is certain about “the man of the people. He is loved by the people because of his charisma of mentorship, philanthropy, intelligence, charity and human community capacity building etc. Obviously, such rare species are always born for the seat of top powers.
The man Ezinwa Sir Stanley Chiedoziem Amuchie for lots of people qualifies him as the man of the people Futher more,there is a good resemblance between “Man of the people” and pluto “Philosopher King”. According to Plato, a philosopher king leader possesses both love of knowledge as intelligence, reliability and willingness to live a simple life. Such ideal leader should not be greedy but very close to every form of goodness. He will have the ability to deal with situations logically and efficiently, knowing what is the best for his or her people because of the desire and love for knowledge. Definitely, the philosopher king leader can view things that ordinary people do not see.
From the vintage point of spirituality and all comments of goodwill in favour of this ICON OF GREATNESS, I stand bold to say that the man Sir Stanley Amuchie has every quality of a philosopher king leader and Imo state will be very blessed if he is given Douglas mandate come 2019.
Recently, the Catholic Archbishop of Abuja Cardinal John Onaiyekan in his reflection said Nigeria needs philosophers as political leaders to enable her put an end to the recurrent looting of the nation’s treasury. According to the Catholic prelate, the dearth of political leaders who possess philosophical mindsets as well as the willingness to live modestly was responsible for the menace of corruption within government circles and its attendant negative effects in the society. According to him, “I wish Nigeria had a pool of politicians who are philosopher kings that would have made the twin problem of greed and corruption a thing of the past in our nation.” He observed that mahatma Ghandi of India was not even a Christian but he believed in the philosophy of modesty saying “there is enough in the world for every man’s need but not for every man’s greed”.