“I started this business with just ₦1,650”
Have you ever wondered why a lot of people’s perception towards real estate agents falls on their high financial capacity let alone a proud Real Estate Network Marketer? Well, you are yet to find out. It is an incontrovertible fact that it is every man’s dream to be healthy, be your own boss and at the same time having an uncapped earning potential (financial freedom). Nevertheless, how many people pursue this dream or work towards them is a question that seeks for one million answers. Some people might just feel it is impossible by giving excuses of financial incapacitation and not having a helper. Some might want to give it a try against all odds, but a few will say “I will work towards this dream and achieve it without all audacity”

However, in course of looking out for a personality who has contributed to human capacity building and has the same mind set of those who work towards their dreams and achieve them, our paths crossed with Ambassador Chinedu Sydney Obiefuleh, a 2017 Brand Ambassador of the well-known Real Estate Network Marketing Company, PWAN GROUP and the Managing Director of GoshenHills Realty Limited. According to the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, “if I was given a chance to start all over again, I would choose Network Marketing”. It is no news that Ambassador Chinedu is a focused, dedicated and proactive personality in handling his business. He is one of the few Nigerians who have decided to make their impact felt in the society. He is well known for his un-relentless effort and capacity in spreading the good news of real network marketing to the people out there. He possesses some rare or uncommon qualities which has gotten him to the level he is today.

In an interview session with this wonderful personality, he reveals how he got into the flight of Real Estate Network Marketing and how the business has not only changed his life but the lives of other people through him. Enjoy the excerpt:

Can we meet you Sir?
My name is Chinedu Sydney Obiefuleh, I am the Managing Director, GoshenHills Realty Limited and the 2017 Brand Ambassador of PWAN GROUP.
How did you come to know about the business before getting to the position you are today?
I started this Real Estate Business 2 years ago, precisely on the 3rd of March 2016. I got introduced to the business by one of my friends who had spoken to me about the business but I never considered trying it until 2016 when I gave it a trial. I started the business with just ₦1,650.After registering as a consultant, that same day, I started my marketing immediately by posting our fliers on Facebook.That day I got about 4 calls, in the next two weeks I closed my first sale and got a commission of about ₦550,000. I got the commission without much effort as some people might have thought. Two years after I joined the business, I can boldly say I have pioneered two companies with just registering with ₦1,650. I also run other businesses, I got myself a brand new car worth ₦6.8 million. I have travelled abroad all-expense paid trip, I have 4 plots of land which makes me a landlord and because of the decision I took. My family has a two years USA Visa, Courtesy: PWAN GROUP.

We are aware that you have a lot of success lines, how do you manage your network?
The speed that got me to where I am can be considered as an interesting experience. Before now I have never been into Networking. In fact, I hated network marketing because I had a different perception about Network Marketing but today I can say that I am a proud Marketer and I am happy to be associated with the Network Marketing Profession. My first commission served as a motivating factor for me to bring people into the business. I started telling my friends about the business and singing a new song to their hearing “come and see, come and see, what can bring you money”. By showing them the evidence of payment, it helped me in bringing a large number of people to my network. So, in less than 2 years I have over 700 consultants or team members on my tree.

How often do you get your clients based on your level of Network?
In PWAN Group our system of earning comes either through a direct commission or an indirect commission, so because of the large team members I have, I get calls directly from my adverts or clients and indirectly from my success lines prospects. As an Ambassador of PWAN Group, I don’t work for myself and my team members alone, I am also an ambassador of all the partners and consultants in the company. So it is my sole responsibility to represent the company well in all areas.

What is your motivating factor or philosophy of life?
The pioneers of PWAN Group will always say that the establishment of the company is a mandate from God and a mandate to reduce poverty rate in Nigeria. One of my philosophy is that when I am prospering in a particular business, I like to bring people in, so that they also can benefit from the business. The joy of seeing other people succeeding is what keeps me moving, little wonder I am at the position I am today. It is more or less like recreating myself.

Do you have role models?
Yes I do, the Chairman of PWAN Group, Dr. Austine Onwumere and his wife “Mama Africa” as she is fondly called, Dr. Jayne Obioma Onwumere are my role models. They are my role models because they inspire me a lot and what is happening in Real Estate today is called revolution and they started it.

In the purchase of land, a lot of people see it as taking a risk owing to the fraudulent practices involved in the purchase, so how genuine are the Estates in PWAN Group?
By the grace of God, PWAN Group is 6 years in the Real Estate business. In a business there are chances that mistakes will occur but we have consolidated or learnt from it. For most of our lands we have all documents intact and for proper check-ups we do due diligence by going to Alausa, Ikeja to get good information from the Surveyor General of Lagos about the land before negotiating to acquire such a land. Therefore, any client purchasing any of our land is rest assured that he or she is buying a good land. One of the main reasons the government will cease a particular piece of land is if that land is committed to the government.

What’s your advice to the young ones out there seeking for one thing or the other to do?
There was the story of 21 year old girl, she registered as a consultant, then she shared one of the fliers and the recipient became interested, the person interested called her but she was quick to link the client up with her Manager to explain better or close the deal for her. After the deal, a week later, she got a commission of about ₦3,000,000 and in her life she has never had up to ₦200,000. It is quite unfortunate that most people have not come to know about this business because it is changing a lot of people’s life. So I believe that there are a lot of youths out there who can get involved in the business instead of looking for job besides it is a part time job.

What are the major challenges you face?
On the network aspect, sometimes you meet someone maybe a friend or a brother, then you invite him for a meeting but to your amazement he does not show up, such a thing can be very discouraging. On the sales part of it, sometimes you will take a client on an inspection to see some of the Estates available for purchase, after seeing it, they fill the Estate form then you expect them to pay but they won’t. It was obviously an awesome experience to learn how to expand and enlarge your pocket by getting your self-involved in Real Estate Network Marketing. Truly, property investment is one of the best investment one can delve into.So if you are out there, and you really don’t know what to do with your hard earned money, of course you know what to do with it now.