Talk of a woman the Lord’s Vineyard whose inspiring preaching and virtuous impulse can awaken the streams of spirit to life, you talk of Prophetess Chinyere Nnachi, the general Overseer of “Resurrection Power House of God Mission”. Talking to our reporters about Life and Salvation this gracious woman of God told National Impact Magazine that “To err is human but to seek penance is humankind’s unique act of salvation. Whenever a person fails, it is often their overwhelming sense of anguish that drives them forward to make a second attempt that is far more bighearted than they originally envisioned. The need for redemption drives us to try again despite our backside enduring the terrible weight of our greatest catastrophes. Even in life general struggle, there is no person as magnanimous as a person whom finally encountered tremendous success after previously enduring a tear-filled trail of hardships and repeated setbacks. In an effort to redeem our lost dignity, in an effort to regain self-respect, we find our true selves. By working independently to better ourselves and struggling to fulfill our cherished values, we save ourselves while coincidentally uplifting all of humanity.
The prophetess with a bateaus smile who hails from Aboh Mbaise Local Government area in Imo state. revealed to National Impact Magazine before our Prayer Summit in 1st of December last year that God has not changed and his ears are just as quick to hear the voice of real prayer. His hands are just as long to save as they ever were if only people can return to God. The beautiful and in-depth preacher believes that the happiest people in the world are those that discover that what they are doing is what they are born to do. She prays that God will grant His children the mind to know, the heart to seek him, wisdom to find him, conducts pleasing to him, faithful perseverance in waiting for him and a hope for finally embracing him.
In a brief chat with the Prophetess recently, she revealed a lot about herself, environment and the ministry generally. Enjoy the excerpt:
Can we meet you ma’am?
My name Prophetess Chinyere Nnachi, the general Overseer of “Resurrection Power House of God Mission”.
Tell us about your journey into the ministry?
The journey into the ministry started in 2006 when God called me to work in his vineyard and being an obedient child of God I didn’t hesitate to answer. The journey into the ministry hasn’t been easy but God has been faithful. By the grace of God, so many have released and maximized their potentials. We also reach out to the needy a lot.
What inspire or turns you off ma’am?
I am inspired whenever i meet the need of people but I am turned off whenever I see people in pain
There is a saying behind a success woman there’s a man; has supportive has he been to pastoral career?
To God be the glory I have a wonderful husband and he has been very supportive and understanding
Tell us a little about your ministry?
Resurrection Power House of God Mission is located at No 1, Adeyemi Adegbite Street, opp Pacific Secondary School, Bameke Shasha, Lagos.
Mission- To preach the good news to all creation. To bring the knowledge of Jesus Christ to all mankind
Vision- to make all mankind realize their divine nature and maximize their potentials, help the less privilege and righteousness to all mankind.
The Ministry Activities are as follows: Tuesdays – deliverance service 9AM – 1PM, Wednesdays workers meeting, Thursdays – Counseling 11AM to 3PM, Thursdays Evening – Service Solution hour 5PM – 6PM, Second Friday of Every Month – Night Vigil – 10PM to 3AM, Last Saturdays of Every Month – Reaching out to the needy, Saturdays – Main Service – 10AM to 1PM.
Who are your favorite gospel acts?
Gozie Okeke
Do you owe anybody a thank you for life?
My husband, My children, and the entire family of Resurrection Power of God Mission.
Mostly, I give all thanks to God almighty
Word of encouragement to the body of Christ and the nation in view of general elections?
They should be committed to God’s word and pray for peaceful election.