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Mother with Corona Virus delivers twins; names them Corona & Virus


In this side of the world, Africans especially Igbos can very careful and ceremonious with naming because they believe that the name of the child can guarantee him or her good prospect in life. But in the western world people could be jokky with stuffs as naming as if anything can go. Sometimes in 2017, a Mexican mother named one of her children Malaria after she had been diagnosed with the disease and in 2018 another woman named her daughter Gonorrea, after being cured of a severe episode of the sexually transmitted disease.
This time around 34 old woman from Mexico named Annamaria José Raphael Gonzalez gave birth to twins while she was infected with the coronavirus at Hospital General La Villa in Mexico City and name them after the dreaded Covid – 19 virus; the girl, he called Corona José Miguel Gonzalez and the boy, Virus José Miguel Gonzalez. She had earlier planned to give birth in the United States next week but was forced into labor before she could reach the border. “I knew I was infected with COVID-19 but I wanted to give my children a chance to have a U.S. citizenship by crossing the border,” she told reporters.
In an interview with the press she said, “I didn’t have any names planned and one doctor suggested I called them Corona and Virus because I was infected with COVID-19 and I thought it was a wonderful idea,” Gonzalez told reporters.
Reacting to the situation, the Dr Eduardo Castillas, at Mexico’s Hospital General La Villa said. “I told her she should call them Corona and Virus as a joke but it seems she took it seriously,” Doctor Eduardo Castillas said laughingly.
In another development, an Indian woman was recently reported as given naming her kids after the dreaded virus, as she called one Corona and the other Covid.