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Nigerian self-acclaimed river goddess and antichrist calls Bible a novel and bullshit


– Says heaven and hell are fallacies

A Nigerian self-acclaimed water goddess and antichrist has declared that heaven and hell do not exist because when someone dies, the physical body will be buried while the spirit joins the spirit world and reincarnates from there.
In her recent video on face book Adaeze Ijemmili said “I found this Bible, it used to be my Bible. I am making the video to tell you guys, those Christians, if you are interested in this book, please indicate. Send me your location. I will kindly waybill it to you and I will pay for the waybill.”

“I am an anti-Christ. I denounced Christianity longtime ago. I am a river goddess, a queen of the river; I serve river, many rivers for that matter. I am happy with it. I was even laughing at myself asking what this thing still doing with me. Sorry for putting it that way. I am putting it that way because, you Christians think that other religion is devilish and not pure instead it’s only yours that is pure. But I am water and I am very pure. I don’t believe in this bullshit. Don’t preach to me or tell me about heaven and hell because they don’t exist. When you die they bury your body in your grave and your soul goes to the spirit world and re-incarnate.”

“I just want to respect your way of worship and believe that is why I don’t want to burn this novel called bible. Afterall, some of you don’t have Bible. When I used to go church so many of you don’t have. You want to make heaven, me I don’t want to make heaven. I will go to your profile and choose the right person. You know that those that are more Christian then others are always dirty, hungry and tattered. Is your girl Adaeze”.