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FG suspends Executive Jet services for flying Naira Marley to Abuja for his drive-in concert

Naira Marley climbing down the jet

As captain faces sanction for giving wrong information to the control tower
By Gift Christopher
The Executive Jet services, the aviation company that flew Naira Marley to Abuja from Lagos for his drive-in concert on Saturday, June 13 has been suspended by the Federal Government. The Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika, who announced this at the daily briefing of the Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19 on June 15, said the aviation company violated the Federal government’s approval and the captain of the flight will be sanctioned for giving wrong information to the control tower
According to him, an approval was given to the company to fly Honorable Justice Adefope Okojie from Lagos to Abuja and back to Lagos on an official assignment. However, they used the approval to fly in Naira Marley. “In this challenging time, in our wisdom, we considered the judiciary to be part of the essential service to be delivered. Having to move the Hon. Justice from Lagos to Abuja was in order. The approval was given for the 14th of June, 2020, however, we do give them a leeway of 24 hours sometimes due to operational reasons.”
They can operate the flight slightly earlier or slightly forward within 24 hours. In this case, the operator choose to fly on the 13th at about 6:00 pm. So, that itself is not a violation to operate earlier because we gave him the leeway.
The operator is Executive Jets Services and the approval was very clear and I will read part of it. This is the letter from the ministry of Aviation to the Chairman of the Executive Jets Services and it was signed by the Director of Air Transport Management on my behalf.”

Naira Marley climbing down the jet

Announcing the sanctions on the company, Sirika said “The operation is a clear violation of our approvals which we take seriously, it seems this is becoming a norm, it’s the second time.
Executive jet services are hereby suspended indefinitely. We’ll also fine them maximally according to the law.” Going forward the Federal Capital Territory Administration sealed off Jabi Lake Mall on Sunday for two weeks over Naira Marley’s concert which violated the government’s ban on public gathering.