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Institute of Transport and Management Technology adds five fellows to their prestigious board of Fellows


History was made yesterday, the 30th of July 2020 as the Institute of Transport and Management Technology adds five fellows to their prestigious board of Fellows. The event took place at NNS Quorra, Apapa, Lagos. As a matter of fact, Fellows are often the highest grade of membership of many professional associations or learned societies and they work together in pursuing mutual knowledge or practice. There are many different kinds of fellowships that are awarded for different reasons in academia and industry. These often indicate a different level of scholarship. Appointment as an honorary fellow in a learned or professional society is mostly to honour exceptional achievement.

This time around the selection was made among officers of Nigerian Navy. These are men who put their hearts, minds, and souls into the service to fatherland as naval officers. According to Edmund, Hillary People do not decide to become extraordinary; they decide to accomplish extraordinary things. Greatness comes from the desire to do extraordinary things; to reach beyond the status quo and relentlessly chase your dreams. It all starts with setting and achieving goals. The secret of living a life of excellence is merely a matter of thinking thoughts of excellence. The lines here best describe the personalities of these new fellows; Commodore Ebiobowei Abraham Zipele, Captain Bitebo Augustine Amakiri, the Deputy Commandant in Nigeria Navy Ship QUORRA, Captain Mudiaga Eseoghene Ejumabone, the Training Captain at NNS QUORRA, Captain Johnson Adekunle Adewoyin, the Commanding Officer Communication, and Information Technology School, NNS QUORRA and Commander Solomon O Ohunenese, the Commanding Officer Nigerian Navy Ship BARAMA.

A close look at the courses run at Institute of Transport and Management Technology formerly Institute of Air Travel and Maritime Studies brings to the conclusion that the Institute has lots of relativity with the Navy which is the part of the Nigerian Armed Forces that are responsible for the protection of Nigeria and the country’s borders, maintaining the country’s laws within territorial and internal waters as well as Exclusive Economic Zone, defend Nigerians from possible enemies in the waters, perform the military role as noted in the Act of 1964, negotiate from the position of strength when necessary, plays diplomatic and policing roles when needed, train a new generation who wishes to join the Nigerian Navy and perform all the duties and functions defined by the Constitution.

After the induction and decoration of the new fellows, the amiable Rector of the Institute Dr Mrs Lilian Chibor welcomed them warmly into the prestigious board of fellowship of the Institute. “Obviously, this induction and decoration is not in any way an accident rather it is by divine providence. Today, you all have become part of us and we enjoin you to feel free with us in terms of inviting us in any capacity you think we might be of help as we promise to call on you when necessary as well.”

The Rector equally used the opportunity to call on the new fellows, the government, the government agencies, corporate individuals, and all lovers of education to look back and support the school in any way they can, be it in the area of IT placement, more hostels, strengthening our library and purchase of school buses that will enhance academic activities in the institute. “We are proud to announce to you that our products are doing very well at their workplaces which is a testimony of the thorough academic and high moral values of the Institute” she concluded

Reacting to his fellowship honour Commodore Ebiobowei Abraham Zipele said he is proud to identify with the Institute. The prolific orator whose hobbies include reading, writing, analyzing global events, and solving puzzles equally emphasized that more needed to be done in the transport sector of the country. “Transportation can actually be seen as the lifeline of every nation. The presence of transport infrastructure can add immense speed and efficiency to every country’s progress. Transportation to a greater extent holds the root of all commerce. If we can’t move our bodies, our ideas, parcels products, or whatever else there would be a dormant society. The possibility for commerce and wide reach can only be possible by the increase in the number of people and things to which we have access. Transportation infrastructure is so important that it helps shapes the urban areas and also serves as a platform for rural-urban linkages because good physical connectivity in the urban and rural areas is essential for economic growth. Overtly, one would expect that the importance being attributed to transportation and its infrastructures would translate into more efforts by the government in ensuring that more researches and efforts are put into the field of transportation” he concluded. Commodore Ebiobowei Abraham Zipele is a member of National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies.

In the same vein, Captain Bitebo Augustine Amakiri who holds a Master’s degree in Security and Strategic Studies from the Nigerian Defence Academy Postgraduate School in Kaduna applauded the effort of the Institute to nation-building in their 36 years of existence. “We are happy that the Institute found the officers worthy of the prestigious fellowship. We promise to uphold your rules and regulations and to be worthy ambassadors”. Captain Amakiri is a fellow of National Defence College and Member Nigerian Institute of Management, a Fellow of Chattered Public Diplomat and Manager.

Following same protocol, Captain Mudiaga Eseoghene Ejumabone who is a member Institute of Safety professionals, National Institute of Management, Chartered Institute of Public Diplomacy and management and Associate Member Global Intelligence Peace and Security Institute opined that he has learned a lot from the humble beginning of the Institute before getting to where they are as stipulated in their profile. He observed that the presence of the Institute is very beneficial to the Nigerian Navy and Maritime transport at large. “We want to thank you for this rare privilege as we promise to propagate your rules and support you in any little way we can”

Still on the feedback, Captain Johnson Adekunle Adewoyin who holds Masters of Arts in Peace and Security Studies from the University of Ilorin encouraged the Rector and her great team to keep up with the good work they are doing. He equally made a pledge that they will help to create more awareness for the Institute. Captain Adekunle Adewoyin is an alumnus of the National Institute of Security Studies and member Institute of Management.

Finally, Commander Solomon Olushola Ohunenese who holds a Master’s’s degree in International Affairs and Defence Studies from the Nigerian Defence Academy Postgraduate School Kaduna considered the fellowship as a great honour as he sits among his mentors and trainers. He urged the Institute to keep their flag flying higher and higher to more greatness. He is a member of Nigerian Institute of Management.

Presenting the vote of thanks on behalf of others, Captain Bitebo Augustine Amakiri, the Deputy Commandant in Nigeria Navy Ship QUORRA appreciated God almighty for the success of the day and the Institute representatives for finding time to come. “We will continue to tell the good stories of the Institute and support the mission and vision. I pray that the partnership will continue as we all work together for national development.” The proficient Captain finally prayed for safe journey for all who found time to come.

The institute of transport and Management Technology was established in March 1984 as a school of flight Attendance Air Ticketing and Reservation. The name later changed to the Institute of Air Travel and Management studies. In the year 2000, the name changed to the Institute of Air Travels and Maritime Studies to accommodate the maritime department of the institute. Finally, the academic board of the Institute settled for the Institute of Transport and Management Technology. The act establishing the institute empowers it to do the following;

To carry on the business as management practitioners and to undertake general management, financial, Maritime, marketing and other forms of business consultancy service in fulfillment of which the institute empowered to conduct feasibility studies, hold seminars, symposia, conferences, management development, and training activities in Nigeria and elsewhere.

To organize and offer courses in the field of management, business administration, accountancy, banking and finance, Maritime, internal Auditing, Basic E-education, Law, Purchasing, Hotel and Catering, Tourism, Health Education, Engineering, Transport, Aviation, Computer and other related, Technology, Public Relations, Advertising, Insurance, Secretaryship, Teacher Education, Agriculture, Marketing, Sales Management, Shipping and other field of learning in full time, Part-time, weekend, Postal and sandwich courses in any part of Nigeria or elsewhere in the world.

The institute shall set up training institution, colleges, centers, offices, agencies in any part of Nigeria or elsewhere provided that such organs of the institute operates as division of the institute, they shall be given any name considered necessary from time to time by the institute.

“The institute shall at any time considered necessary organize and hold terminal promotional and/ or final course examination for its students for the assessment of their standard of academic achievements, the institute and its organs shall grant or issues to students considered qualified certificate, Diplomas, Higher Diplomas, Postgraduate Diplomas or any other form of qualified considered necessary from time to time among others.”

The Institute was approved by the ministry of education with reference number LED/CED/VOL.4/S.396 VOL 1 of 27th December 1988. It is recognized as a training center for Nigeria institute of shipping and the Chartered Institute of Aviation Management of Nigeria. It is equally recognized by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Aviation with a reference number CA08/008/1of 18th August 1986. The institute has secured the approval of the National Board for Technical Education (NABTEB). As a result of this, the institute has been enlisted in the jamb brochure since 2017. Also, the Associate degree of the institute is used for direct B.Sc conversion with our affiliate universities.

Story by Omenihu Alfred {MAJAN MEMBER{