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Cuting off growing food crops is a crime against Nature


By Chuks Njoku

The recent display of wickedness by bandits in Kaduna state as they go about destroying growing food crops on farms has been described as a crime against nature by most Nigerians especially as the country still struggle with food insufficiency which has led to the hike of food stuffs in the market. Crops like maize, beans, okra and other essential food items planted in the rainy season and expected to ripen in the coming months were destroyed

So kidnapping farmers is no more enough. This is getting strange as one begins to wonder what such person stand to benefit.  The recent development is alleged to be a new strategy by the kidnappers to punish farmers who have no other source of income. If this demonic attitude continues, the state and by extension the country may experience famine in the coming months. Life will be too hard for the citizens and life expectancy of individuals will be reduced and crime rates will be on the increase.

Our investigation reveals that most farmers disclosed that they are tired of life because things are becoming unbearable as bandits have taken control of the state. One of the farmers who spoke to the press said;

” I don’t think there is any government in place. What we have now, is bandits, spreading all over. In Borno, State, we have bandits as more powerful than the governor. We have no other source of income. Farming which is our preoccupation is now taken over by bandits. We bought fertilizer from the government at exorbitant prices, paid for labour, for crops to germinate. In the process, you see your crops growing and make all advance calculations, all of a sudden, you visit your farm one morning, and see that they have cut down all your crops. What kind of wickedness is this?” He asked.

Chairman, Farmers Association, Kaduna state, Alhaji Idi Maramara who lives in Maramara village, Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State who was astonished over the new strategy conceived by bandits, said residents were in bondage as the government was silent about the safety of the people, “It’s time to declare a state of emergency in Kaduna State.”

“No one is safe in Kaduna State. If you, your son, daughter, or relatives are not kidnapped, get ready to be starved of hunger. Hunger is also caused by Criminals who do not want farmers to go to the farm. Even those who risk their lives to go farming, their crops are being destroyed by Suspected bandits.”

” Wholesale traders and market women who go far bush market to buy in large quantities could no longer go, for fear of being Kidnapped. Presently, no raw food is coming to Kaduna, and no raw food is going out of Kaduna. By the time the one we have on ground  finish, it’s then, we know where we are going from here.” He said