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Police AIG Arrests and detains PHED Regional Manager


By Omenihu Alfred fibmn

The proverbial saying ‘power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely’ conveys the opinion that, as a person’s power increases, their moral sense diminishes.

Engr Igwe who in the cause of his normal duty got the wrath of the power drunk AIG over the disconnection of electricity to Zone 6 for their failure to pay their electricity bills of over N31m owed the DisCo since last year.

We gathered that the AIG invited Engr Igwe to a meeting with his team to discuss the way forward on their indebtedness to PHED so that power could be restored to the zone.

Unfortunately, he ordered his men to arrest and detain Engr Igwe boasting that he will not release him until power is restored to the zone.

Meanwhile, all attempts to get the AIG to release the PHED staff who acted in lawful authority fell on deaf ears.

Regretfully, this is one of the public office holders who abuse the privilege of their office to undermine Nigerians who go about their normal cause of business. The AIG has not only brought shame to his exalted office for not paying his electricity bill but forcefully and illegally arrested an innocent Nigerian.

As a Disco, we are using this opportunity to let Nigerians know that electricity is not a right or privilege but rather like every other service must be paid for. The AIG must therefore save himself further embarrassment by ensuring that he pays his bill like every other Nigerian.