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ASOHON tasks on proper investigation in child trafficking allegation against Arrow of God Orphanage


Chuks Njoku

ASOHON takes charge in addressing concerns and calls for a comprehensive investigation in the allegation of child trafficking levelled against Arrow of God, an orphanage home located in Lekki, Lagos state and Anambra state.

The recent spotlight turned on Arrow of God Orphanage over allegations of child trafficking has continue to cast a shadow over its operations. These unsettling claims have stirred considerable consternation among concerned Nigerians, igniting a fervent desire for clarity and accountability.

Amid the whirlwind of accusations, the Association of Orphanages and Homes Operators in Nigeria (Asohon) has stepped forward to undertake the arduous task of shedding light on the situation. At the helm of this effort is Reverend Dr. Gabriel Oyediji, the esteemed President of Asohon, who passionately seeks to quell doubts and provide an intricate analysis of the ongoing investigation into the alleged child trafficking activities linked to Arrow of God Orphanage.

Undoubtedly, these allegations have garnered undivided attention, prompting Asohon to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to conducting an exhaustive and unbiased inquiry. Reverend Oyediji emphasizes the organization’s unequivocal dedication to the welfare and security of orphaned children across Nigeria, as aligned with their unswerving ethical code.

The President underscores their relentless efforts in amassing relevant information, engaging with involved parties, and diligently evaluating the prevailing circumstances. Acknowledging the urgency and significance of the case, he assures the public that every conceivable measure is being taken to expedite the investigation, all while upholding its accuracy and integrity.

Asohon’s resolve extends beyond its organizational boundaries. Collaborations with pertinent agencies, experts, and stakeholders are in full swing, engendering a process that is not only thorough but also transparent. As the investigation advances, timely updates will be disseminated to keep the public abreast of developments, dispelling the shadows of speculation and entrusting the authorities to conclude their work judiciously.

While pursuing the truth with unrelenting vigor, Asohon remains steadfast in its commitment to justice and safeguarding the rights of all parties concerned. Arrow of God Orphanage assumes a pivotal role in this saga, and no stone shall be left unturned as the pursuit of truth traverses uncharted terrain.

Reverend Oyediji extends an open invitation to anyone in possession of credible information linked to this case, urging them to come forth and contribute to the ongoing investigation. Furthermore, he highlights the nuanced legal landscape across various states in Nigeria, emphasizing the need for standardized adoption procedures to quell misconceptions and ambiguities.

The intricacy of this case deepens when considering the revelations reported by the FIJ, spotlighting the involvement of the National Population Commission, Lagos State Ministry of Health, Nigeria Police Force, and the Judiciary. Reverend Oyediji emphasizes the vital importance of rendering justice without fear or favor, fostering an environment where no one is beyond scrutiny.

A stern stance resonates through Asohon’s commitment to discipline any member found culpable of these allegations in accordance with their ethical code. As the investigation progresses, inquisitive minds are encouraged to reach out to Dr. Gabriel Oyediji, the President of Asohon, for updates and inquiries, ensuring that the pursuit of truth remains unswayed by adversity. Contact: Tel; 08028355757.