Don’t mind them, yes, tell it to them and the gullible Nigerians who will not understand a thing but will be quick to start yelling corruption when there is no corruption but when corruption stare them in the face they will never recognize it.

Yes we all read the news about the private jet of Rotimi Amechi, perhaps there were no poor people in Rivers state that could use the $50m, now suddenly every one of them is goaded by just few who perhaps were not happy at the appointment of the woman as the aviation minister. While federal government is responsible for the fund used in buying this armored cars, Rotimi Amaechi singlehandedly used state fund thus River state public fund to buy the private jet which obviously he may not leave behind for his successor.

Isn’t it weird how they started talking about ethnicity when actually no one talked about ethnicity while in defense or against. There are probably more Igbo in the forum that are against the armored car purchase and those who will not tell themselves the truth will not see those Igbo but will only hang on to few Igbo who are playing out what their conscience tells them.

Was it written anywhere that we must all agree on same thing, why must I not support a woman whose life is under threat and why must any one regard my support as ethnic motivated. If my support is ethnic motivated, what is the motivation of those numerous Igbo that are against it.

This tells you that there is more to the issue than they are telling, people with huge logs in their eyes but are pointing to someone will a little beam in his eyes, I wonder how they manage to see the little beam.

Since they say that my support is ethnic motivated, wouldn’t it be very correct if I say that their antagonism against the lady is also ethnic motivated, yes I now believe too well that whatever they are doing against the lady is ethnic motivated, that is why their heart has already been set at ethnicity even when the support and against was balanced with even more Igbo against than those for it.

Let me repeat again, take the issue to Honolulu and back, I will still maintain my support that the woman need extra protection, so it is better for anyone who is thinking that mentioning ethnicity will budge me to save his saliva because I  ain’t not budging, I’ve looked through it back and forth, contrasted it with what happened to Dora Akunyili that almost took her life and I come to the conclusion that the aviation minister, Stella Odua needed the armored car protection that she got. QED and school Agbasago on the issue, case closed.

People are talking about two armored cars as if they were bought for personal luxury without knowing that those that procured it has deliberated on it before purchasing two, they know the reason why two is needed and they bought exactly the number needed.

First of all, initially my import of the threat on the matter was based on what is on the ground in Nigeria which we all knew that politicians are mostly under threat especially in the north with Boko Haram and their rampage in the north and as a federal minister that oversees the entire nation aviation section there certainly is a possibility of impending threat to her life, and especially as a non Muslim.

We are not living in a la la land  where people to deceive themselves by looking away from obvious things, driving to and from airports in the core north is not an experience you would cherish with smiles all over your face.

But while I based my stand initially with full personal conviction that she needed a security because of an obvious threat to her life on above enumerated circumstances I finally read a posting from Ezii stating that indeed the aviation minister has really stepped on some fat toes and is under “real” and not imagined threat, I reproduce the mail below.

“But the threats against Stella are direct and real. At least, so we have been told. Therefore, it would be foolhardy for the woman to wait and see if such threats would be carried out before she takes the necessary action to protect her safety. The threats came when Stella took over as the minister of aviation, and made some people mad…Yes, Stella took over.

She reviewed the contracts totaling in the many millions awarded by those before her, out to various entities or companies. Stella (and her review board) made the determination that some of those contracts were either fraudulent or that the contractors did not meet the criteria to receive such contracts.

Out of the contracts reviewed, Cabinet Stella rescinded 10 of them as not qualified for any number of reasons, which I have already hinted above. Some of these people or entities, whose contracts were cancelled, threatened to kill Stella. That was how and why, in a nutshell, Stella started searching for a bulletproof car” Ezii

I have no reason to doubt this knowing that in Nigeria whenever a minister comes along and decides to sanitize the house she will always run into some knuckle head who may want to teach her a lesson that it is either she follow the status quo or exit willingly or unwillingly, before our eyes it happened to another lady minister, Dora Akunyili, when she came on as the minister of NAFDAC, she went to work to sanitize the ministry and the drug section of the country and in so doing she faced imagined threats, I used the word “imagined” because that was all it was then before the threat manifested and almost took her life.

We were just speculating and imagining then that the way she is sanitizing the ministry and the drug cum pharmaceutical section of the country, that she was stepping on toes thus would definitely walking on threatening lines, but like you tend to believe now, it was all a speculated and imagined threat until that December or so period when bullets brushed past her hair, had she been hit everybody would go about their business and the lost would be on her immediate family.

Some would even blame OBJ for not providing adequate security for her seeing the way she has been stepping on toes in her noble and efficient job, while some would call her a fool to be driving around in non-armored vehicle knowing how she has stepped on some powerful toes.

Mind you that the police gave her protection with police orderlies with her all the time but what could police orderly do when bullets start flying into a passing car, the police himself would be looking for a way to save his own life too but with an armored car, at least there would be a respite for the police to be confidently mount a counter attack knowing that those bullets hitting their car won’t penetrate.

Let us get real here because denial is the reason why some people would persuade a youth corper who refuses to go to the north to forget about “imagined” threat or fear but at the end the youth corper may lose his or her life and the constant-emotional Nigerians without substance would say, Hey..hey..hey, so these senseless people killed this boy or this girl” and that is all for it as people go about their business.

Some are suggesting that if she can’t take the heat of the threats or find her own way of fighting off the sharks in the shark infested political waters of Nigeria that she should get out, let me ask, if she gets out and the person asking her to get out is called to replace her, will that person work without special security in same position or will he or she turn to speak from the other side of the mouth by admitting that, “indeed there is a danger” thus will need the protection himself or herself.

Of course this is what we humans ends up doing, we realize the reality of the situation when our feet get into the same shoe, then we will blame our earlier stand on ignorant but by then someone may have lost his or her life and the best we can do is say we are sorry for not understanding the situation clearly and that’s it.

So, do you have another question regarding the obvious threat on the minister’s life, meanwhile while I expect people residing outside Nigeria to show some misgivings about a possible threat to a ministers life in Nigeria, I do not so much expect those residing in Nigeria to do same because I expect they should know that politics is a do or die in Nigeria.

Take over position from someone and make any effort to reshuffle the ministry or organization and such effort may end up showcasing your predecessor’s mismanagement or misappropriation of finances or maladministration, then straight away your life has gotten into real threat because fat chance is there that they will be out to silence you before you succeed in your expose.

We have witnessed it not once, not twice and certainly not thrice in Nigeria, so why wait until another one happens before making as much effort we can to give some extra security to our precious lives not minding money or food for the poor first, Maka Na Onye Di Ndu, Okwube Okwu Nri (one only talks about food when he is alive) and the living even though poor and living under $1 a day may witness a turnaround tomorrow by God’s grace.