“The quote points to the fact that nothing is lost by us doing more for others. When you give, you are not only helping another person but you are growing as well.”

It is said that the eagle is a rare bird and every generation is blessed with just a few. I call him the quintessential patriot of our time. Patriotism is a virtue to him thus it comes like a strong passion with lively sense of responsibility. His heart beats true to his environment and at any time you will hear stories of sacrifice of personal interest to public welfare. At a time in history he was bestowed with the worthy title of EZI-IHE (TRUE LIGHT) by his people. And as the scripture stated in Matt 5:14-15, he has remained a worthy ambassador of the Gospel shown as that city built on a hill that cannot be hidden. His charisma brings to bare the beautiful works of these philosophical legends Martin Luther King Jr, Shannon L. Alder and Mahatma Gandhi that “Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.” “Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.” “The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” 25th of December 2017 will remain memorable on the sand of time as the Good Light Support Group (GSG) and the Good Light Foundation Team celebrated the amiable president and founder of the foundation as a way of appreciation and honour at Central School play ground by Holy Ghost Catholic parish Uvuru, Aboh Mbaise Imo State, under the distinguished Chairmanship of Hon Deacon Chike John Okafor, Chairman House Committee on Health, Federal House of Reps Abuja. From the reaction of some guests that were interviewed by National Impact crew at the event, most of them attested that they have not in recent time witnessed such level of appreciation for a single individual. “He is indeed an angel in human skin” one of them said.

The welcome address presented by The Good light Support Groups via one of the organizers Mr Ihezie Adindu reads “Today is a special day, carefully mapped out to celebrate our Icon, a role model, philanthropist without boundaries, Development Ambassador, an epitome of humility, an exemplary achiever, a good man with unique attributes worthy of emulation etc Ezinwa Sir Stanley Amuchie for his wonderful works and impact in our lives, communities, states and nation at large. This group (GSG) is a wonderful group comprising of people who are Ambassadors of Good light Foundation with common goal of making the entire Imo State a great place. We have all been empowered, inspired, encouraged and motivated by Sir Stanley Amuchie so much that we cannot pay him back adequately” he concluded.
The golden man of the moment, Sir Stanley Chiedoziem Amuchie is a First class graduate of Industrial Chemistry from the University of Benin and holds M.sc in Corporate Governance from Leeds Beckett University, UK. He started his career at Arthur Andersen, Lagos, Nigeria (now KPMG Professional Services) in September 1995 where he rose to the level of a Senior before exiting the firm in February 2000 to work in the banking industry. He joined the Financial Control & Strategic Planning Department of Zenith Bank Plc in February 2000 and he is currently the Group Chief Financial Officer of the bank. In addition to his current responsibilities, he is a Director of Zenith Nominees Limited, a global custody subsidiary of Zenith Bank Plc. He was at various times in-charge of the coordination of the Group’s Foreign Operations and Real Estate Operations. Prior to the Bank’s election to operate as a commercial bank with foreign authorization, he held the following positions in the subsidiaries of the bank; Chairman- Zenith Securities Limited; Director- Zenith Trustees Ltd, Director- Zenith Bureau De Change Ltd.
Permit me at this juncture to present few comments gathered from the event’s brochure. I want you to imagine it yourself such thunderous platter clatter of appreciation, ovation and encomium to an individual then you can draw your conclusion.
“Thank you for your inspiration, support and kindness all these years. You are a man with a golden heart. You are my hero, and from the depths of my heart, I want to say thank you”- Obioma Elemba.
“I feel so indebted to you such that can never be paid with neither silver nor gold. You are a big brother, a professional colleague, a caring boss and above all my confidant in the bank”- Modestus Nwanna (FCA).
“Thanks for bringing smiles on the faces of many, both those who have been opportune to meet with you and those who have not”- Mrs Chioma Bon-kafor.
“I appreciate a destiny helper, a man that God used to change my story in the year 2005. A man with midas touch, a God fearing man and a practicing Christian, a detribalized man and in fact, a very good man”- Mr Dimkpa Alaribe.
“He has remained the central Iroko tree where every bird, irrespective of size has always perched for succor, and none has left with dissatisfaction”- Mr Uchenna Ugoma.
“Many men like giving people fish while you prefer giving net and teaching them how to fish. You have taught so many of us how to fish and in the same vein, we will continue to teach people what you have taught us for greatness and development to be achieved. Therefore, you have by default raised evangelists for yourself, who will never get tired of spreading the good news about you. Your deeds are so wonderful and remarkable that even the blind can see, your humility is worthy of emulation, your professionalism is utmost. Your type is very rare.”- Mr Adindu Ihezie.
“An accountant per excellence, a seasoned banker, philanthropist, community leader, bridge builder and my boss. I joined professional colleagues, family, friends and indeed people of goodwill whom your amiable personality, generosity and exemplary leadership qualities have impacted positively to say bravo”- Mrs Nneka Onwuegbuche.
” A great man is not he who has a lot of money, but he who has the mind to make positive impact in the lives of his people and the world around him by way of rendering selfless services. He demonstrates his greatness by giving”- Markphilip O Ukaegbu.
“Really, it is a rare privilege and with every sense of humility that I identify myself with this noble personality who has rendered selfless services and enthusiasm to salvage humanity.”- Ikenna Francis Atuegbu.
“You are very special to all of us here. We can’t stop talking about you for your immense support”-Emesaraonye Joy Oluchi.
“Mr Stanley Amuchie was sent by God to the world as a tool to unlock many from penury’s dark cell. A saying goes thus, ‘you can never know a man’s real nature until he comes in contact with power and money’”- Modestus Mgbeahuru.
“We appreciate you for the values you have created for all of us, entire communities, state and the nation”- Ijeoma Juliet Anyaoha (nee Iheanacho).
“Sir Stanley Amuchie is a unique man, my little interaction with him confirmed all the good deeds he is known for a philanthropist without boundaries”- Mr & Mrs Nnamdi Chinedu Louis.
“You are an exceptional boss who always has the interest of his people in mind, and your leadership and philanthropic qualities have earned you so much deserved respect”- Ugonna Amuchie.
“I congratulate you on this day for making an army of men who have decided to honour you in a very special way. This singular act by Zenith Bank staff of Mbaise origin goes a long way to show how rich you are. I believe that the worst kind of poverty is the poverty of the mind felt when one did not utilize his position to empower others”- Ozioma Ikpeama.
“I use this opportunity to send my sincere gratitude to a distinguished achiever who is truly committed to excellence and service to humanity”- Francisca Ihechi Amaefule (nee Onuoha).
“A gentle and a trustworthy fellow, a man of great vision, a man with a good heart who has touched the lives of those he knows and those he has not met”- Chukwuemeka Omeire.
“There is a name that epitomizes excellence and lifetime legacy, also distinguished in character and sense of perception, that identity is Stanley Amuchie”- Tochukwu Nwogu.
“He who lives to make wealth dies, but he who lives to make people never dies. People make money and names but Sir Stanley Amuchie has made not only wealth and name but people. A role model who lives selflessly, changing lives unconditionally without discrimination”-Mr Alex Nkiru Ubamadu.
“In fact all my life, I have never seen anyone like him. He is one of a kind, caring, helpful and generous”- Uchenna Amuchie.
“God is using you to touch the life of many in the entire state. You are an outstanding figure”.- Iheanacho Gabriel.
“Obviously words can’t be enough to express my thanks to you rather, I pray God’s blessing in your life to remain permanent”- Emmanuel Amuchie.
“You are a confirmation of God’s words which says I will bless you and you shall be a blessing to others”- Thompson Okoro.
“ Sir Stanley is a great man very different from people I have met in life. Words are not enough and will never be to qualify him. Even dictionary lack words or adjectives enough to qualify him” Chimezie Ukaegbu.
“Thanks for converting my mistakes into lessons, pressure into productivity and skills into strengths. You really know how to bring out the best in people”- Phillip Nnanyereugo Uche.
“You are a man with a big heart and the whole world deserves to hear your name and they will hear your name”- Pedro Duru.
“The man with many values and courage going round the state (Imo) encouraging, developments in all Imo state Autonomous communities”- Gerald Ibeh.
“Having heard so much about you, I am delighted to be associated with this group. The much I have heard about you confirm your uniqueness”- Nwagbara Sampson Odinaka.
“Honestly, I cannot appreciate you enough for what God has used you to achieve in my life”- Daniel Tuegwu Joshua.
“He belongs to a rare breed of young and insightful leaders of my generation who are assets to any society that values indelible legacies of progress and a passion for sterling results. Your good life and good deeds will never cease to open doors of greatness for you. They will always stand to speak and work for you, your family and all that concerns you till the end of time”- Obinna Chilaka.
“It must be a very proud moment for you, Stanley, seeing and watching your brothers, sisters, godsons and daughters from all over celebrating you for your love and kindness while alive. One good turn they say, deserves another. You are such a rare gem, a God given gift at our time, we feel so proud of you”- Ebere.
“Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men (Prov 22:29 KJV). You have touched so many lives with your philanthropic heart, lifted countless more with your selfless arm and empowered numerous others with your generous spirit. We celebrate an angel coated in human skin and pray that your good works are not only being celebrated but they become seeds that will create an opportunity for greater impact. God has anointed you for the top and nothing can change that”- Adolphus Olaniyo.
“You have made us great and God will continue to make you great”- Adindu Anthony.
“You are a great man with unique features, you have made our family, community and state proud and as such God almighty will continue to make you proud”- Ezinwa Ugochukwu Amuchie.
“Once upon a time, his people gathered and bestowed on him the honour of EZI IHE (TRUE LIGHT). On and on it’s been recognition plethora from the church, corporate institutions, media industry, town unions to mention but few. ‘You are the light of the world indeed as the holy book of Christian reference mentioned (Matt 5:14-15). Alfred Omenihu .
“Some time ago there was a young man, from a humble background. he never waited for the storms to end but by his grace, he learned to dance in the rain, storm and the sun; today, he has become a blessing to our generation and balm-of-gilead to many families including mine”-Bright Alaribe.
“It is said that success in life is not how happy you are but how happy others are because of you. This is the simplest form we can describe the man Sir Stanley Amuchie. He derives joy in seeing that others progress as much as he does. He is always excited to solve other people’s problems. He has a big heart to empathize with others. He has strong shoulders to help others carry their burdens. As someone who works with Sir Stanley Amuchie closely, I have watched with admiration, how he counsels the youth around him with beautiful words and positive attitude. I have listened to him speak at different fora with eloquence and sincerity of purpose. I have witnessed him solve complex problems calmly but with audacity. Peeping through the office next to mine, I have seen people from different backgrounds and walks of life interact with Sir Stanley Amuchie and in all such interactions, he treats his guests with the needed courtesy” – Dr Mukhtar Adam.
In a brief chat with one of the organizers, Mr Adindu Ihezie a staff of Zenith Bank, he expressed his joy over the success of the day. The excerpt:
As one of the organizers of the 25th mega event, how do you feel with the outcome?
I was overwhelmed by the turn out. Although there is always that confidence of success when Sir Stanley Amuchie is involve in any event. The Traditional Rulers made our day with their presence of 46 traditional rulers especially on the peak of the festive period.
What advice do you have for other Nigerians who are in position of helping others but are not?
When God almighty gives you resources far above your needs, it simply means He is using you as a channel to reach out (bless) others hence God watches how these resources entrusted in your care are being used. Many have failed in this responsibility from God and as such have gone on relegation (back to square one). Sir Stanley Amuchie summarized it by advising that a candle losses nothing by lightening another candle.
To continue to unite and empower people
Let our wonderful youths realize their worth and potentials. And for us, we will continue the pursuit for orientation and reorientation which will help our youths.
Addressing the crowd that came from all walks of life, the celebrant Sir Stanley Amuchie said, he is quite overwhelmed with what is happening here today. “I was invited like every one of us here. I must tell you that I am deeply touched by the kind gesture of the Good light support team. The whole essence of the Good light foundation is to shine the light and illuminate our communities, local government, our state and Nigeria at large. We appeal that everyone should participate in government with the power of our voter’s cards. There is no wisdom in boycotting election and complain later”. Furthermore, he said “I cannot actually say that I have done much for humanity. I am aware of the fact that a candle looses nothing by lighting another candle. This is one of James Keller’s axioms that I have come to believe in. Sharing of yourself is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to the world. When you give, you are not only helping another person but you are growing as well. This quote reminds us that nothing is lost by us doing more for others. Once more I want to say a big thank you to each and every one of you that created time to be here, God bless you”.
His statement about the candle lightning was the main message of the day. And I was deeply touched. Mark Twain describes it as the ability of great people making others feel they can achieve greatness just as happiness loses nothing by being shared. Bo Sanchez calls it as the almighty abundance formula and he defines it as the ability to create wealth and use it for God’s purpose.