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Fashion and creativity has been part of me from Childhood; I was born with it – Mrs. Ngozi Nzeribe


…as she exhibits high creativity and elegance in her brands


“Fashion is all about expressing yourself in a way that makes you feel good and be unique among others” those were the words of a quintessential  fashion giant, Mrs Ngozi Nzeribe who has created a niche for herself in the fashion industry. Wikipedia defines fashion design as the art of application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. Fashion design is influenced by cultural and social attitudes, and has varied over time and places. However, the fashion industry has gathered momentum and is becoming one of the fastest growing industries in Nigeria and in the world at large. Recently, National Impact team paid a visit to NG Classic Fashion house located at 32, St Finbars Road, Akoka, Lagos; where we had an exclusive interview with the CEO of the Fashion House, Mrs Ngozi Nzeribe. She told us some key secrets that have made her successful in the fashion business. Enjoy the excerpt;

Tell us what prompted you to go into this kind of business?

Fashion has been part of me, I was born with fashion, and it’s something that came to me naturally. I remember then at a very tender age, I usually use my mum’s old wrappers to make something creative using needle and thread for children who come to play in our house. Then, I will wear them the new dress and give them the old one to take home and their parents will always run back to our house in surprise. So, my creativity started right from my childhood, I like wearing something unique not something regular. However, I’m not surprised to find myself in beads making. It is part of fashion that is making waves in this part of the world. I enrolled for the training due to the passion I have for fashion and I thank God for where he has taken me to. Within a month I was already mastering all I was taught and that happened because of the passion I have to learn. My husband gave me the necessary encouragement I needed to start up this business. I’m grateful to him; he is one in a billion.

Challenges faced when starting up the business

Well, I have been disturbing my husband to start up a business for me and one day, my husband called one of the shop agents to secure a shop for me to begin my business. Immediately, my heart started beating faster. Thoughts like; I’m I adequately prepared for this business? Do I have all it takes to stay in the business? But as a child of God I am, I prayed to God for directions and the knowledge needed to pilot the business. And as you can see God has answered my prayers and I’m getting better every day on the business. Some of the fascinators we have in the stores are foreign and they are very expensive to purchase. So, instead of importing these foreign accessories, we make some of them locally with our own materials and that save me money. I also go on the internet to learn how to make some beautiful designs that will satisfy my clients.

How does this designs come, I mean the creativity, how does it flow?

When my Husband got this shop and it was going through some sort of renovations, I started having sleepless nights, my mind was troubled. The sleepless nights were as a result of thinking on how I will be able to make a difference at wherever my shop will be located. Talking about how the designs come? Hmmmm! Sometimes when I’m asleep, some designs come to my mind and once I’m awake, I quickly draw it down so as not to forget. There was a day I had that experience and my husband was around and he asked me, what I was doing, I told him there is a design God showed me in the dream and I don’t want to forget it. He was marveled.

Looking at bead making, it requires a lot of patience to really come up with something creative like you have here. What is the amount of patience required for one to learn bead making?

One has to look at the satisfaction the customer will gain at the end of the day. That is what determines the amount of patience required in bead making. Sometimes, one could be at the finishing point of the a particular bead design and discovers mistakes. When it occurs like that, I usually don’t consider the amount spent on purchasing the accessories, time wasted and energy, I will dismantle it and make sure I get it right for my client’s satisfaction. I like taking my time to make something really nice for my clients. I’m not into a competition with anybody though we live in a competitive world. Hence I take my time to produce the best; So that my clients will know me for the best and nothing more. That is what will give me joy.

In the nearest future, where do you see yourself in this business?

It is only God that will tell that, because I don’t hold my life and I don’t know what tomorrow holds. I just pray to God to sustain our lives and bless our efforts with success.

Apart from bead making, what other services do you want to add to the business?

Recently, there is a woman that patronizes me always; I made a proposal to her on her daughter’s upcoming wedding, that every woman that will come for the wedding will wear the same beads instead of the regular Aso-ebi. And she bought the idea because it’s going to be quite unique.

What will you tell people who want to venture into this bead making?

I want to encourage them to be focused, don’t entertain fears because what you see in bead business establishment can scare one away from it. Bead making is a very calculative work that requires maximum attention to learn. So that when one is counting the beads, he or she won’t make mistake. Also in the case whereby you have reached the finishing point and you find out that a mistake has been made, I advice that the person dismantle it and start all over again just to achieve that customers satisfaction. Because the eyes like good things, try and make good designs that will appeal to your clients.

How can people reach you for patronage?

Our contact numbers are; 08103096465, 09069481494 and we are located at No 32, St Finbars Road, Akoka, Lagos.