Do you know the implication of a country with political parties without ideology which serves as the first and most important vehicle by which such a society can be opened up to the road map that lead to the realizations of her hopes? This is indeed a question that seeks one million answers. Nigerian parties seem to be bereft of clear ideological commitments. This conclusion is predicated upon the relegation of politics of issues to the background across the country, and in its place self-ideology born out of greed and money politics becomes the front burner of discus with the rising magnitude of political vagrancy on the basis of selfish and parochial interests.
The high level of party indiscipline, absence or weakness of party cohesion and internal democracy, and the high mortality and turnover of party leadership has become major banner headlines in a country like Nigeria. Some heartbroken words from these politicians include; I decamped from APC because when juicy positions were given I was side lined, over my dead body Saraki cannot continue as the senate president, Tinubu will support Buhari even in a stretcher because he has been promised the presidential ticket of APC in 2023, I decamped from PDP because I am a Nationalistic person. All this statement are headlines that becloud the political space.
You might not know the extent to which the leadership you are under affect your capacity to be productive until you begin to compare yourself with your counterparts in order climes. The extent to which a man goes in life is not far fetch from the kind of leadership he is exposed to. Leadership is so paramount in all sectors of the society, that in the business world it is stated that “if you see a failing organization check the leadership. The followers is only a reflection of it leadership”. I emphatically believe that the case of Nigeria is not deferent here. Nigerians are not under achiever in terms of their natural capacity but in terms of the circumstances that have made them so. Once more, I wish to plead with Nigerians to remain wide awake as they make their choice in all facets of government as we prepare for another general election.